BESH ONE, Party rocking DMC champ!

The Party rocking funky urban swedish DMC champ DJ Besh One has been a big part of the Swedish music scene for many years now!

He is known for killing it in the commercial game but also in the underground, always in the front with quality music and energy, Classics, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and Urban styles breaks etc all spiced up with live remixes and Scratch attacks!

He first started playing records in the golden years of Swedish Hip Hop 98` he was weekly resident   spot at the legendary Hip Hop club Bonden in Stockholm some of the locals artists were Mapei, Marcus Price, Aki from Labyrinth too name a few.

He played at all the cool clubs in Stockholm and and was very booked Dj for a lot of Hip Hop concerts and Jams, his name gotten well known as a go to DJ in the Fashion industry and Skateboard competitions.

He has laid scratches for a lot of Hip Hop and Electronic music artists (around 60)

At the time he started to enter DJ Battles in the same time he was a DJ Teacher at Fryshuset, and did Dj workshops all over Sweden.

After playing around in Stockholm for 7 years he then moved to Malmoe South of Sweden, (which was his origin part of Sweden)

He started playing at all the places there and had resident spots and when there was an urban event he was no1 dj to call.

In 2004-2005 he was the Dj for Advance Patrol Swedens at the time top 5 Hip Hop group.

It was also going down in Copenhagen for Besh One he played there and was resident at legendary club Saxxons.

He started to do events he organised and played events with, We Are The Superlative Conspiracy, Vice Magazine, Grolsch, Quicksilver Bowlriders, Vans, Femtastic, The Rumble, to name a few.

Swedish TV also reached out to Dj Besh One He was appeared Djing 2 times in the kids show Bobster.

After a couple of years in Malmoe he started south of Swedens most succesful urban club concept ever Kärleksklubben (The Love Club) he also started concepts from the club which all totally took over the scene names of clubs were Hawaii, Circus, Den Roligaste Festen, Svenska Södern, and now the latest club Möllan Style. 

In 2015 he won the Swedish Dmc and he is still the champ now.

In the last years its been a lot of different gigs from a lot of corporate big events and he is bringing the hype to the max there!

For example Djing for the time Zlatan rented the big square so the people could see the Champions League game Malmo FF Vs Paris Saint Germain 6000People in the crowd screaming

Now he is playing some skate events this summer

Levis The New Byyyrh in Brussels, and Tivoli in Copenhagen, to name some much more to come.

Like a saying before was “Wherever Besh One is, the party is!

Do not miss out! Peace


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